About me

About me

I was born in Poland. I studied special needs education and psychology in Warsaw. I moved to Germany in 1983, where I began my studies to become a non-medical practitioner of homeopathy in Augsburg, Karlsruhe and Berlin under the guidance of different teachers. Since 1993 I have my own private practice in Berlin.

I found my way to homeopathy in 1988 through a serious illness of my son, in which I witnessed his miraculous healing. My curiosity was irrevocably awakened. My thirst for knowledge increased with every book I read, with every seminar and every treatment I observed. Today, after so many years of my own practice, after countless, wonderful, sometimes almost incredible experiences, I am very grateful that I took this path. My enthusiasm for homeopathy is still going strong to this day.

Throughout the years of my practice, elements of psychotherapy, philosophy and life counseling have been incorporated into the treatment.

Recently, I completed a training in hypnosis and I’m still learning. I see hypnosis as a wonderful supplement to homeopathy, as it often shows itself to be very effective where homeopathy reaches its limits. Conversely, of course, it is the same.

I am happy to help you on your road to recovery and advancement.